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Dr Thomas Wiens

Dr. Wiens provides counselling and coaching services to help individuals overcome challenges and enhance their work and personal lives. This includes dealing with stressful situations, career or other life transitions, relationship problems as well as various other difficulties that lead people to struggle with depression, anxiety, or frustration and anger. He also works with individuals who want to increase their effectiveness at school or work, in leadership capacities, as well as in relational or other personal domains.

Some of Dr. Wiens’ areas of experience include working with career-oriented individuals, ranging from students and young professionals to senior managers. He is familiar with the demands and skills needed to succeed in university, business, and leadership roles. He also assists young adults who are trying to become more independent, such as finding a career, moving out on their own, or pursuing a romantic relationship. Additionally, he works with individuals who have a Christian or Catholic faith and would like to address their mental health challenges in the context of their religious beliefs.

Dr. Wiens has a practical and solution-focused yet thoughtful and supportive clinical approach. He works collaboratively with clients to identify their goals and priorities and ensures these are kept front and center. He relies primarily on evidence-based cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) to help clients better understand their challenges and find effective ways to move forward. Some examples of this include, identifying patterns that hinder progress, making gradual shifts in behaviour, setting achievable and progressive goals, problem solving barriers, learning strategies to deal with anxiety and depression, as well as developing personal skills (e.g., assertiveness or stress management).

In addition to working with Changeways Clinic, Dr. Wiens also works with a management consulting firm where his clients include business professionals and managers from small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations. In this capacity, he assists leaders in their personal and professional development as well as advises managers on key hiring and promotion decisions.

Dr. Wiens earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of British Columbia. He has published in several scientific journals and his doctoral research focused on the types of negative and stress-related behavioural patterns that can impair workplace performance and contribute to relational and personal difficulties.

Dr. Wiens is a Registered Psychologist in the province of British Columbia.

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To make an appointment with Dr Wiens, please call Changeways Clinic at 604 871 0490 during office hours, or email us at