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Dr. Sylvia Nay

Please Note: Dr Nay is not accepting new clients for treatment at this time.

My Areas of Practice

I have a special interest in working with adults with sleep difficulties and chronic insomnia. The aim of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is to increase sleep quantity, improve sleep quality, and/or reduce sleep-related distress.

Typically, this treatment uses multiple components, including: sleep education, sleep hygiene, stimulus control therapy, sleep restriction, cognitive therapy, and relaxation training. Currently, multicomponent CBT-I is considered to be the gold-standard treatment for insomnia, and a number of professional organizations (e.g., American College of Physicians) recommend it as a first-line treatment, above sleep medication.

Additionally, I provide individual therapy to individuals struggling with generalized anxiety, excessive worry, health anxiety, perfectionism, stress/ burnout, mild-moderate depression, adjustment to major changes such as life transitions (e.g., retirement) and new medical diagnoses, and coping with chronic health concerns (e.g., pain, tinnitus, IBS).

My Approach to Therapy

I am committed to providing individually-tailored interventions that are supported by scientific research. I mainly approach treatment using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), while integrating aspects of other evidence-based approaches such as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution-focused Therapy. Typically, therapy will focus on examining unhelpful patterns of thinking (cognitions) and behaviour (the things you do – or don’t do), and developing tools and strategies to target these issues.

As a therapist, I strive to create a warm, authentic, and supportive environment in which people can express themselves openly and prepare to make meaningful changes in their life. I take a collaborative approach that integrates my clinical experience and knowledge with each individual’s personal experiences and unique viewpoint. Working together, we set measurable goals, come up with treatment plans, and continually assess whether we are on the right track.

My Background

I was born and raised in Ontario, and completed my Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. As part of my doctoral degree, I completed a CPA-accredited psychology residency in the Department of Clinical Health Psychology within the Max Rady College of Medicine/ Winnipeg Regional Health Authority in Winnipeg, MB. My graduate training provided experience in treating anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, management of chronic health conditions, and sleep disorders, as well as neuropsychological assessment and intervention.

After completing my studies, I settled in beautiful BC. I am currently a Registered Psychologist in the province of British Columbia. Aside from my private practice at Changeways Clinic, I am a staff psychologist at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre where I work as part of multidisciplinary teams that provide rehabilitation services to clients with acquired injuries (e.g., spinal cord injuries, brain injuries) and neurological conditions. I also enjoy teaching and mentoring new clinicians, and I have published research in the areas of brain injury, ADHD, and substance use.

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