”But I don’t want therapy! I just want information!”

No problem. The Resource section of the website is designed to provide you with information about a variety of issues. Reading it may provide much of what you need.

We include resources for the general public, resources for our clients, and resources for psychologists and other clinicians. Here are the topics:

  • Online Courses. Changeways Clinic is developing a series of online educational programs for the general public, as well as for healthcare professionals.

  • Changeways Books. Information about some of the books available through Changeways Clinic, including Tables of Contents and excerpts. The Depression Map, The Assertiveness Workbook, The Core Program MP3 Edition, and The Easy Part. This section includes information on accessing the Arabic and Farsi translations of the Core Program at no charge.

  • About Depression. What is depression? How is it diagnosed? What about other mood problems, such as bipolar disorder? How are mood problems treated? What can people do to help themselves?

  • About Anxiety. What are the various anxiety disorders? How do they differ? How are they treated? What seems to help?

  • Positive Psychology. How can psychology and psychological research be used to help people improve their lives, even if they don’t have a significant problem? Resources on assertiveness, life satisfaction, goal setting, and more.

  • Links. Connections to other websites with useful information on psychology, mental health, and related issues.