Other Issues Seen at Changeways Clinic

Life is extremely complex, and human experience is endlessly varied. At Changeways Clinic we see people who are working through a wide variety of issues - too wide to all be named here. Nevertheless, here are some of the additional concerns we deal with:
  • Adjustment to life change. Retirement, divorce, emigration, the birth of children: All major changes in our lives can be difficult. They represent both challenges to our ability to cope, and opportunities to explore areas of our lives that we have ignored. Talking over the changes can help us make the most of major life changes - whether they were sought after or unwelcome.

  • Bereavement. The loss of a person close to us is one of the most difficult of life’s challenges. It can bring up an intense and profound array of emotions. Talking about these with a counsellor can help you to sort out your feelings and cope with the ongoing demands of life.

  • Return to work after leave. People often take time off work to cope with emotional issues, then discover that the prospect of returning to work has become another problem. It can help to talk with someone about your fears and about practical issues in work return, and to make a workable plan that doesn’t involve overwhelming you on the first day.

  • Stress management. The stress response is designed to help us survive in a hostile environment, but it often gets switched on when it is no help whatsoever. Many people find themselves in life situations that routinely trigger their stress response, which only impairs their ability to deal with things. Learning specific, evidence-based strategies to manage stress can be useful for just about anyone.

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