Your Depression Map

Forms and Measures

Download free and reproducible copies of some of the diagrams and forms from the book in printer-friendly pdf format. Some of these are already posted, others will appear shortly.

The Depression Map. From page 45 of the book, a downloadable version of the Map itself in pdf format.

Mood Monitoring Sheet. From the Introduction (page 7), a form for recording your moods and any other symptoms you wish to keep track of.

Activity Monitoring Sheet. A one-week form for keeping track of what you do hour by hour (from page 9 of the Introduction). Designed to help you identify triggers for mood dips and behavior for change.

The Problem List. From Chapter Nine, a form for recording the things you don't like about your life right now.

Medication List. From Chapter Ten, a form for recording the medications you take (so you don't have to recite the list from memory when seeing your physician).

Thought Challenging Form. From Chapter 14, a three-column form for identifying negative automatic thoughts and more accurate replacement ideas.

Your Personal Summary. From Chapter 19, the final summary sheet of the strategies that worked for you.