Self Care for Depression

You suspect you may be depressed. What should you do?

First, see your physician. Your physician can help you to diagnose true depression and make recommendations for treatment.

Next, educate yourself about depression. On this page we provide links to several free and downloadable self-help guides to working with depression. These guides are based on research evidence. They are not treatment in themselves, however, and should not be used as a substitute for professional care.

Each of the manuals was created under the auspices of the Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction (CARMHA) or the Consortium for Organizational Mental Healthcare (COMH). Where indicated, clicking will take you to the COMH website's downloadable versions.

Look below for manuals in English, French, Punjabi, and Chinese, and a version specially adapted for teens.

All manuals are written in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.

Note to professionals: COMH has provided permission to download and photocopy all manuals on this page for use in your work.

The Antidepressant Skills Workbook

Authors: Dan Bilsker & Randy Paterson

here to download your own copy from COMH’s site. It is available in English, French, Punjabi, and Chinese.

Dealing with Depression: Self Care for Teens

Authors: Dan Bilsker, Merv Gilbert, David Worling, & E. Jane Garland

Teens get depressed too! The adaptation of the SCDP for teens is called Dealing With Depression. Download this manual
here from the COMH site.

Antidepressant Skills at Work: Dealing with Mood Problems in the Workplace

Authors: Dan Bilsker, Merv Gilbert, & Joti Samra

A guide to dealing with depression at work, including valuable suggestions for employers and human resources staff. Download this manual
here from the COMH site.

Remember: These manuals are not substitutes for care by your physician or other healthcare professionals. They are intended purely as educational resources and are meant to be an adjunct to appropriate professional care.