Changeways Clinic offers a wide variety of public talks, workshops, webinars, and training programs for professionals.

We also offer keynotes, presentations, and workshops for the general public.

April 26, 2023: Failure to Launch in Clinical Practice

Days: Wednesday April 26, 2023.
Times: 9 am Pacific, 12 noon Eastern. 90 minutes.
Format: Online via Zoom.
Increasing numbers of young adults are getting stuck at the transition from dependent adolescence to independent adulthood - and many of them are appearing in clinical settings. Informal surveys of private practitioners suggest that two-thirds of clinicians working with adults receive referrals matching the description of this population. Yet training in the subject is largely absent, and the research literature is scanty. This relatively unstructured discussion will provide a description of the population and some of the overlapping diagnoses/difficulties associated, and invites participants to discuss their own experiences working with the population. This session is now FULLY BOOKED.

May 3 - 10, 2023: Goal Setting That WORKS: 30 Strategies to Increase Your Impact

Days: Wednesdays, May 3 and 10, 2023.
Times: 9 am Pacific, 12 noon Eastern. Each session is 3 hours.
Format: Online via Zoom.
Goal-setting is one of the most powerful elements of psychotherapy. But goal setting is a more technical procedure than is often thought, and it can be remarkably ineffective if not done well. This 6-hour (two-half-day) workshop provides clinicians with 30 specific, behavioural recommendations to enhance the impact of goal setting with clients. As well, the strategies for working clinically can also be applied in our own lives. From alliance-building to determining the direction of therapy to values clarification to addressing resistance, goal-setting is relevant to all aspects of psychotherapy. It is the therapeutic "batter" into which every other strategy you use can be stirred. Click HERE for more information on the program, and to register.

September 6 - October 4, 2023: Failure to Launch: Helping Young Adults and Parents Navigate the Road to Independence

Days: 5 Wednesdays, September 6, 13, 20, 27, October 4, 2023.
Times: 9 am Pacific, 12 noon Eastern. Each session is 2 hours.
Format: Online via Zoom.
A five-session (10 CE hour) program on clinical work with the so-called "failure to launch" phenomenon: Young adults stuck at the transition from dependent adolescence to independent adulting. Related terms include hikikomori (the Japanese term increasing in use among young adults internationally) and NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training - the term most often used in the United Kingdom). This workshop looks at the nature of the phenomenon, risk factors, treatment strategies for both the young adult and for caregivers, and guidelines for prevention and early intervention with adolescents. Click HERE for more information on the program, and to register.

September 14 - October 5, 2023: Train Your Clients in Assertive Communication

Days: 4 Thursdays, September 14, 21, 28, October 5, 2023.
Times: 9 am Pacific, 12 noon Eastern. Each session is 2 hours.
Format: Online via Zoom.
Many of the most vexing problems in modern life arise from interpersonal conflict and a difficulty setting and maintaining effective boundaries with others. Assertive communication training is a therapy fundamental that is often neglected in clinical training, but holds the potential for enormous therapeutic gains when provided in a focussed and experiential manner. This course, led by the author of The Assertiveness Workbook, provides 8 hours of training, extensive guidance on sequence and exercises, and a set of pdf documents that can be provided to clients to help them apply the principles in their own lives. Clinician participants often report that the course has been helpful in their own lives and relationships as well! "I really appreciated the experiential part of the workshop and have sent the worksheets or worked on skill with multiple clients since the course started." "Randy was so engaging and this is the first presentation that I have found my self laughing out loud (glad I was muted)." Click HERE for more information on the program, and to register.

Webinars and Online Courses

We offer online training programs that enable you to take part in Continuing Professional Education from your own desk. These include a suite of online available-on-demand CE courses, described here. In addition, we offer time-specific interactive webinars for various professional groups. Want one especially designed for your own organization? Just email us at

Professional Training Programs

We provide training for mental health clinicians on a variety of topics, including the nature and practice of cognitive behaviour therapy, the treatment of depression, the conduct of communication skills training, stress management strategies, the nature and treatment of anxiety disorders, diversity awareness, and private practice management.

Changeways Clinic programs have been offered across Canada as well as in Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. Most of our programs are hosted by local agencies, corporations, professional organizations, or health regions. Click here to learn more.

Programs for the Public

Our roster of clinicians provide talks, keynotes, and workshops for the public on psychological topics of broad interest. We have conducted presentations for educators, foster parents, charity fundraisers, industrial conferences, psychological organization profile-raising public events, and more. Topics include stress management, the nature of depression, how to be miserable (based on the book How to be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use), sexual orientation in healthcare and education, positive psychology, and much more. Click here to learn more.

Hosting a Presentation

Whether for a public or a professional audience, we can work with sponsors to develop a program that fits the needs of the people who will be attending. We can also provide a quote for programs, usually within a day or two of getting a request. Click here to learn more about hosting our programs.