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Host a Presentation

For a complete guide to our services, download the Changeways Guide (1.5 MB pdf) or email us and we'll send you a hard copy in the mail. We would also be pleased to handle any questions you may have.

Most Changeways workshops are hosted by specific agencies, health boards, professional associations, or community organizations in the region where they are held.

Click here for a list of organizations that have contracted for Changeways Clinic training programs.

Host agencies help out in several ways:
  • They either purchase a workshop in its entirety, or they contract for a block of seats.
  • Often they book or provide presentation space and break catering.
  • They may provide spaces in the program to their own members or staff, or they may resell seats to others in the region.
  • They may help to distribute information about the program to others in the region.
  • In many (but not all) cases they handle registrations.
  • Some agencies operate workshops as fundraisers for their organization.
If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your region, download our document "Sponsoring Changeways Workshops" by clicking here. Then contact us and let us know which workshop you are considering and when. It is generally best to have several dates in mind. Most workshops are scheduled at least two months in advance, and often much further ahead.

Other pages in this section of the website outline the training programs that Changeways Clinic has developed. Some of these programs are offered regularly in the Vancouver area. Workshops outside Vancouver are generally sponsored by other organizations.

Changeways has presented workshops across Canada, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. Distance is not a barrier, and we welcome international requests.

Our goal is to provide you with an effective, engaging presentation that produces genuine advances in practice for attendees, and to do so with maximum efficiency and ease for organizers. We have over 15 years of experience in providing professional continuing education programs. We can work with you to create a successful program that meets your needs.

Adding your name to our interest lists

Changeways keeps a series of "Interest Lists" for different workshops and regions. We use these in two ways:
  • The level of expressed interest helps determine where and when we hold our workshops.
  • We use the interest list as a partial mailing list for registration forms once a workshop is scheduled.
If you would like to see a certain workshop in your area, or if you want to ensure that you receive an announcement, please add your name to our interest list. Here's how:

Call us at 604 871 0490 or email us at
. Give us your name, agency, and phone number. Let us know which workshop(s) you would like to see in your area. If you know about the level of interest among other staff of your agency or the staff of other agencies, please tell us. When a workshop is scheduled, you will receive an email notification from us.

Note that most workshops have a local agency sponsor, so also consider discussing the possibilities with your local training coordinator or Continuing Education officer.