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The Therapist’s Toolkit: Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy is central to the evidence based treatment of each of the anxiety disorders. In each case it involves identifying the true trigger for the client’s anxiety, and presenting carefully calibrated intensities of that trigger to the client for extended periods. Though straightforward in theory, exposure therapy can be complex in practice. This workshop covers:
  • The basic theory underlying exposure therapy.
  • Identification of the feared element in each of the DSM-IV anxiety disorders.
  • An illustration of the principle using the simplest case: specific phobia.
  • Practice developing exposure hierarchies.
  • Discussion of the relative advantages of in vivo and imaginal exposure.
  • Integrating relaxation strategies with exposure therapy.
  • Feared experience and setting exposure for agoraphobia.
  • Interoceptive exposure for panic disorder.
  • Exposure and response prevention for obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • Feared-outcome exposure for generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Social setting and impression-based exposures for social phobia.
  • Imaginal and in vivo exposure strategies for post traumatic stress, including techniques to moderate the intensity of the experience.
Duration: One day.

Maximum Number of Participants: 45

Supplied to Participants: CD-ROM with anxiety treatment forms and handouts for clients; Presentation Slide handouts

Who should attend?

This program is suited to both newer and more experienced clinicians wishing to use effective exposure-based techniques in their own work with anxious clients.
This course can be combined with Relaxation Skills Training and/or Relaxation Skills Training to create a two-day or three-day program.

How to register

This workshop is designed to be sponsored by specific agencies or groups. Click here for information on sponsoring a workshop on this topic in your agency or region, or call us at 604 871 0490 or email .

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