Changeways Clinical Team

Below you will find brief descriptions of each of our clinical team. Click on their photos or names to find more extensive information. To make an appointment with any of our psychologists, please call Changeways Clinic at 604 871 0490 during office hours, or email us at Not sure who you might like to see? No problem! Call Heather at our office and she can help identify a person who might suit your needs.

Dr Amy Janeck,
Registered Psychologist


Dr. Janeck provides assessment and treatment for anxiety and mood disorders. She uses evidence-based interventions to address a variety of presenting problems including obsessive-compulsive disorder, worry, trauma, panic attacks, phobias and depression. She also helps clients who are primarily struggling with adjustment to life events and transitions. Learn more by visiting her page, here.

Dr Nena Wang,
Registered Psychologist


Dr Wang provides evidence-based treatment for specific anxiety-related concerns such as generalized anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, and health anxiety. She also has a special interest in working with individuals experiencing symptoms of psychosis. Learn more by visiting her page, here.

Dr Quincy Young,
Registered Psychologist


Dr. Young provides individual cognitive behavioural treatment for adults with anxiety disorders, depression, anger, and grief. In addition she has expertise in helping people learn how to adopt a healthy lifestyle and manage chronic health conditions successfully. Learn more by visiting her page, here.

Dr Diane Strub,
Registered Psychologist


Dr Strub provides psychotherapy for difficulties with: Anxiety, mood (e.g., sadness, depression, anger), feeling “stuck” or overwhelmed, conflict, communication, loss, trauma, low self-esteem, work challenges, a new stage of life (e.g., college, retirement, career change, moving), starting or stopping certain behaviours, COVID-19-related stress, etc. Services in English and French. Virtual services available throughout British Columbia. Learn more by visiting her page, here.

Dr Jabeene Bhimji,
Registered Psychologist


Dr Bhimji uses evidence-based treatments to address an array of presenting concerns including mood and anxiety disorders, trauma-related disorders, early psychosis, as well as general life adjustments and transitions. Learn more by visiting her page, here.

Dr Jennifer MacDonald,
Registered Psychologist


Dr. MacDonald provides individual cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety, grief, depression, trauma, loss, and coping with loss, injury, and chronic health conditions. Learn more by visiting her page, here.

Dr Sarah Coupland,
Registered Psychologist


Dr Sarah Coupland provides individual evidence-based treatment for first responders and those struggling with exposure to traumatic or difficult events, as well as those adjusting to life changes (e.g., grief, loss, and relationship breakdowns). She also provides treatment to those needing help with managing stress, substance use difficulties, and interpersonal conflict. Learn more by visiting her page, here.

Dr Suja Srikameswaran,
Registered Psychologist


Dr. Srikameswaran provides individual treatment for eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder, as well as mental health problems that often co-occur with eating disorders, such as depression, anxiety disorders, and PTSD. Learn more by visiting her page, here.

Dr Randy Paterson,
Registered Psychologist


Dr. Paterson provides one-to-one evidence based psychotherapy for depression, the anxiety disorders, difficulties adjusting to significant life challenges and changes, and concerns related to sexual orientation. He is the author of Your Depression Map, The Assertiveness Workbook, Private Practice Made Simple, and the blog at Learn more by visiting his page, here. Due to teaching and related commitments, Dr Paterson is not taking on new clients at this time.

Dr Sylvia Nay,
Registered Psychologist


Dr. Nay provides individual cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for adults with anxiety, depression, grief, and adjustment difficulties, particularly in the context of medical diagnoses and chronic health issues. She also treats persistent sleep difficulties using cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). Learn more by visiting her page, here.

Ashley Battaglini, MA
Doctoral Practicum Student


Ashley Battaglini, MA, is a doctoral practicum student providing cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for individuals experiencing anxiety, worry, obsessions, compulsions, depression, problems with self-esteem, and stress related to daily living, life transitions, academic or adjustment related concerns. Ashley is supportive and collaborative in their work, with a goal to empower clients to enact meaningful changes in their lives. Ashley is also respectful of the intersection of culture, race, sexuality, and mental-health in people’s lives. Learn more by visiting her page, here.

Dr Trisha Kivisalu,
Registered Psychologist


Dr. Kivisalu uses evidence-based interventions in therapy to help individuals manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, trichotillomania, life stress, work-life balance, and self-esteem/self-confidence. She also possesses experience working with health professionals during their training and residency. Learn more by visiting her page, here.

Dr Alana Cook,
Registered Psychologist


Dr. Cook provides individual cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for depression and anxiety as well as trauma, anger, substance use disorder. She also provides treatment for psychotic and bipolar disorders, and problematic personality traits. Dr. Cook has an interest in working with people struggling with interpersonal or workplace conflict. Learn more by visiting her page, here.

Dr Nancy Prober,
Registered Psychologist


Dr. Prober provides individual cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders, depression, and problems with adjustment to life challenges. In particular, she is a specialist in the treatment of trauma-related disorders and incorporates acceptance-based strategies into her work. Learn more by visiting her page, here.

Dr Mahesh Menon,
Registered Psychologist


Dr. Menon provides cognitive behaviour therapy for individuals suffering from severe and recurrent depression, including post-hospitalization care, and for those experiencing psychosis and severe mental illness (including symptoms such as hallucinations and paranoia). Learn more by visiting his page, here.

Dr Anne L. Howson,
Registered Psychologist


Dr. Howson provides individual cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) for depression, the anxiety disorders, and psychosis. Additional areas of interest and expertise include the services for lesbian and gay clients, and the integration of motivational enhancement and dialectical behaviour therapy in the treatment of concurrent disorders (addictions and mental health). Learn more by visiting her page, here.