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Created in Canada, our materials mostly use Imperial Spelling (e.g., behaviour, labour, centre), which is readily understood by and familiar to most US readers as well. Some materials have also been reworked as US Spelling editions. Our default document format is 8.5x11 inches, also known as USLetter. This prints well in the slightly taller and thinner A4 paper format used outside North America. Some materials are available in slightly reworked form especially for the A4 format (as noted, by item).

The Core Program for Depression


The Core Program is our manualized depression treatment program. Most often offered in a group format, the program can also be tailored for individual therapy. We also have a self-guided version that includes eight hours of lecture (narrated by Randy Paterson) to help users work through the manual and the skills and strategies it describes. In addition to the materials below, we also have an online training course that provides 13 hours of instruction as well as access to all of the print materials required to offer the program (for more information, click
Core Kit - Bound Edition

The Core Program: Practical Strategies for Personal Change. Group Therapy Participant Manual and Clinician’s Guide. $90
Everything the experienced clinician needs in order to operate the popular cognitive behavioural depression group The Core Program. Includes 94-page Participant Manual and 220-page Clinician's Guide. The print edition also includes a CD-ROM with the complete Participant Manual in Acrobat pdf format for reproduction for your clients, plus the additional forms and worksheets for use in the group (including goal list sheets, an attendance form, and feedback forms). Page format is US Letter size, 8.5x11 inches.
Core Kit - pdf edition

The Core Program: PDF Edition.
As above, but an electronic pdf edition in zipfile that we can email directly to you (file size about 3 MB). Included: Participant Manual, Clinician’s Guide, and all additional forms. You are permitted to reproduce the clinician materials for your group co-leader at the same agency, and the participant materials for as many of your own clients as you wish, whether you use the program in group or individually. In 3 versions: US Letter paper size with Imperial Spelling (used in Canada), US Letter with US Spelling (for the USA), and A4 paper size with Imperial Spelling (UK, Australia, NZ, and others). Cover page (in photo) not included. Lower price, and saves shipping fees. Unlike our hard copy materials, you can use the online ordering buttons for materials to be sent outside North America. Emailed within 2 business days to the address you specify.

Add-On MP3 Disk
. $20
Add-On MP3CD (with order of Core Program)
For those ordering the Core Program print or PDF editions above, the audio MP3 disk is available as an add-on to the order for just $20. It includes one disk with 8 one-hour talks by the program’s senior author. The talks reflect some of the discussion, examples, and elaboration of the manual content that participants might hear in the group. Purchasers can shift the contents onto a hard drive, then create copies for clients. A good way of helping group members catch up when they miss a session. Also useful for one-on-one therapy as homework for clients to listen to between sessions.


The Core Program Text+MP3 Edition. $40

A self-guided version of The Core Program, our depression program used in hospitals and mental health centres across Canada and in at least 5 other countries. Includes the complete 110-page Manual and a single MP3 disk with 8 one-hour talks by the program's senior author.
Core Text+MP3 Edition

Format is USLetter size Imperial Spelling 8.5x11. Presently available only as a hard copy edition.

Your Depression Map

Your Depression Map (Randy Paterson, New Harbinger Publications 2002, 307 pages) is a comprehensive self help workbook for those suffering from depression. Readers identify the risk factors likely to be relevant in their own case, then learn about treatment strategies found to be helpful in resolving each one. Although issues in receiving professional help are covered, most strategies can be implemented by the individual working on his or her own.

Your Depression Map
book. $30
Your Depression Map

The book is available in its original print edition only - we do not have a pdf or ebook edition.

Depression Map Treatment Kit. $90.00

Your Depression Map (Randy Paterson, New Harbinger Publications 2002, 307 pages) is a comprehensive guide to clinical depression incorporating over 50 management strategies. For the clinician we have reworked each of the strategies from the book into its own handout designed for clients. In addition, we have created a special version of the Depression Map Questionnaire (DMQ) designed to help match strategies to client presentations. The package includes a CD-ROM with all of the handouts in pdf format, and an 84-page guide to their use (The Depression Map: Individualizing Treatment Using Component Based Therapy). Purchasers can print and provide handouts to an unlimited number of their own clients. (Ask us about agency-wide site licensing.) Handout set format is USLetter 8.5x11, Imperial Spelling.
Depression Map Book, Guide, Disk

Supplied: Your Depression Map (original print edition, as shown); Clinician Guide (hard copy, spiral bound); handout master set (CD-ROM with pdfs).

Private Practice Made Simple


Private Practice Made Simple: Everything Your Need to Know to Set Up and Manage a Successful Mental Health Practice
. $38
Private Practice Made Simple

Private Practice Made Simple (Randy Paterson, New Harbinger Publications, 2011) is aguide to starting and operating a private mental health practice. Topics covered: Finding, organizing, and furnishing office space; getting referrals; handling client information; hiring and managing assistants; dealing with finances; avoiding burnout, and much more. 268 pages.

Assertive Communication

The Assertiveness Workbook: How to Express Your Ideas and Stand Up for Yourself at Work and in Relationships. $20
Assertiveness Workbook

The Assertiveness Workbook (Randy Paterson, New Harbinger Publications, 2000) is one of the best-selling guides to assertive communication on the market, according to Amazon. It reviews the four primary communication styles (Assertive, Aggressive, Passive, and Passive-Aggressive) and shows how and why assertive communication generally produces better outcomes. Sections on various types of exchange (giving one's opinion, saying no, making requests, and more) provide tips to enhance assertiveness. New Harbinger Print Edition only. 206 pages.


Being There: A Changeways Guide to Assertiveness Skills. $90
Being There Kit

A complete group therapy program on the training of assertive communication skills for the clinical and nonclinical population. This program provided the foundation for The Assertiveness Workbook from New Harbinger Publications. Includes a 128-page manual for group participants, a 251-page Clinician's Guide, and a CD-ROM with pdf versions of the complete Participant Manual and associated forms (exercise sheets, group attendance form, brief session notes for the clinician). All materials can be reproduced for the purchaser's own clients. Adaptable for one-to-one training. Contact us for info on agency-wide site licensing. Available: Spiral bound hard copy with CD-ROM only. Reproducible client materials are in USLetter format; prints well in A4.

Relaxation and Stress


The Changeways Relaxation Program Kit, Revised Edition
. $90
Relaxation Kit

The Changeways Relaxation Program, Revised Edition, is a set of materials designed to aid the clinician wishing to provide evidence-based relaxation training to clients. The 185-page manual is written as a guide to offering a 6-session relaxation training group, but all of the elements are easily used in individual therapy and as adjuncts to other programs. The kit comes with a CD-ROM with 5 relaxation scripts and 37 pages of handouts for clients, as well as forms and notes for running the group program. An accompanying audio CD (narrated by Randy Paterson) provides 4 sample relaxation exercises and may be reproduced for clients.

Audio CD: Progressive and Passive Relaxation, Long and Short Forms. $20 each


Audio CD with four sets of relaxation instructions on four separate tracks: Progressive Relaxation, long form (18 minutes) and short form (8 minutes); Passive Relaxation, long form (18 minutes) and short form (8 minutes). This CD is designed with the clinician in mind. Train your clients in the relaxation strategy, then provide them with a copy of the disk for home practice. The tracks can be reproduced for the use of your own clients. The male voice English version is included with the Relaxation Program kit above. Available in: Male Voice English, Female Voice English, Female Voice Cantonese, Female Voice Mandarin. (To order more than one type, simply use the “Add to Cart” button repeatedly to select your different choices.)

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