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Changeways has produced a variety of products for use by mental health clinicians and by the general public. This section of the site describes the materials and tells how to order them.

Shop Online

Our store has recently been redeveloped and simplified. Simply click here to learn more about our products. If you are from Canada or the US, or if you are ordering electronic materials only, you can shop using Paypal.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are from outside Canada and the US and you are ordering hard-copy materials, you must use the fax-able form “For orders to all other countries” below. Unfortunately Paypal does not allow us to calculate your shipping costs accurately. There are no shipping charges associated with emailed materials.

Or: Send us an Order

Do you prefer to order by fax or mail? Or do you live outside Canada or the US? Here’s what to do:
  1. Print a copy of the Order Form for your area (see below).
  2. Browse our online shop by clicking on the topics above.
  3. Complete the Order Form with the products you would like.
  4. Fax the form to us at: Country code 1, 604 871 0495. Or mail it to us at: Changeways Clinic. Suite 718, 2525 Willow Street, Vancouver BC V5Z 3N8.
Here are the order forms:
Please note that orders may take up to 5 business days to fill before shipping.

Shipping and Taxes

All sales of hard-copy materials (whether by Paypal or order form) involve shipping charges and, for orders shipped within Canada, GST/HST.
  • In Canada and the USA, shipping is $10 for orders up to $45, and $14 for all larger orders. GST/HST is added at 5% for all provinces and territories. Shipping charges do not apply with emailed pdf materials.
  • Orders to other countries: Standard shipping is 30% of the value of your order, sent Canada Post International Surface Parcel. Please use our international order form rather than Paypal. If you would like faster shipping, other options are available on the form. If you use the order form with credit card and actual shipping charges are lower than expected, we will reduce the amount charged. This will appear on your receipt. Note: International orders of emailed electronic materials do not entail a shipping charge.

A selection of our books in depth

Excerpts and the complete table of contents from some of our publications.

Questions? Email us at
or call us at 604 871 0490.