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Online Courses

At Changeways Clinic and PsychologySalon we have been developing online programs for professionals and for the general public. These courses are designed to provide evidence-based training and knowledge conveniently and at a very reasonable cost. Every course has free-to-preview videos. Visit the PsychologySalon school here:

PsychologySalon Online School

Courses for EVERYONE

Breathing Made Easy - Learn to Breathe Diaphragmatically to Reduce Stress and Anxiety. An experiential program designed to teach calming diaphragmatic breathing in a step-by-step sequence.

How to Buy Happiness - Improve Your Life Using Your Existing Finances. A careful look at the relationship between money - and how you use it - and life satisfaction. With 58-page workbook to help you apply the principles in your own life.

What is Depression? - Understand the Symptoms, Nature, and Internal Experience of Common Mood Disorders. An examination of the symptoms and experience of depression using the Floating Diamond model.

What Causes Depression? - Learn About the Many Risk Factors for Common Mood Problems. Is depression really just the result of a biochemical imbalance? Or is the picture much, much more complicated than that? Learn about what the research really says.

UnDoing Depression - Take Action and Feel Better Using Cognitive Behahavioural Principles. A step by step guided tour of depression self-management using goal setting, lifestyle change, and personal exploration. Comes with a 100-page workbook.

Courses for Professionals

Diagnosing Depression and Related Mood Disorders - Using DSM-5 Criteria. Much more than a review of the DSM-5 criteria, this course shows how to distinguish clinical from subclinical presentations, questions to ask in interview, and the distinctions between the various mood disorders - while acknowledging the significant difficulties and controversies surrounding the DSM.

Cognitive Behavioural Group Therapy for Depression - The Changeways Core Program Workshop Online. The Core Program is one of the most widely-used group therapy protocols for depression in the world. Now the two-day training program is available in a 12-hour online course, divided into bite-sized pieces. The course includes reproducible pdf copies of the Participant Manual, the Clinician’s Guide, and much more.

Group Discounts
Would your organization, agency, employee assistance group, or health region like to purchase multiple spaces in a program – either for your clinical staff or for end users? We can arrange steeply discounted group rates for purchases of multiple student spaces.

To discuss your needs or arrange your organization’s own discount, simply
email us. In most cases your group access to our courses can be set up within one business day.