Consulting Services for the Public Sector

Changeways Clinic has its origins in the public sector, at UBC Hospital in Vancouver. From our inception we have been involved in helping to enhance public sector services. Here are some examples:

Continuing Education and Skill Training for Clinical Staff

Changeways Clinic provides a wide range of talks and workshops for healthcare professionals. We have been hired by every health region in British Columbia, as well as by healthcare organizations in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Hong Kong, Australia, and elsewhere. The majority of our professional training programs are purchased by public healthcare groups, professional organizations, nonprofit societies, or private healthcare corporations.

Our programs are designed to provide practical and evidence-based training in skills that can be readily applied in the clinical setting. Most are accompanied by client handouts and other resource materials that participants are invited to use with clients - without licensing or per-use fees.

Many of our existing training programs are described here. If you don’t immediately see what you are looking for, however, contact us and talk it over. We may be able to tailor a program for you. If we don’t have what you want, we can often suggest where you might find it.

Presentations for the Public

We offer a wide variety of talks designed for the public, many of which are listed here. Public organizations have arranged for Changeways Clinic psychologists to present on various topics as a way of offering a novel service to the public, or as a way of enhancing their profile in the community. Many of these talks have been delivered on the same trip as a professional training seminar for staff, as a way of making the most of the speaker’s time - or possibly offsetting costs with revenue. Talk to us about your needs and we can often come up with an entertaining and educational presentation that will suit.

Nonclinical Workshops and Seminars for In-House Staff

Many of the talks that Changeways Clinic offers are appropriate for the staff of public sector organizations. These presentations are designed for the individual working within an organization, rather than as training for clinicians to provide service. Here are a few examples:
  • Assertive communication training.
  • Managing stress effectively.
  • Goal setting strategies at work.
  • Avoiding burnout.
  • What is depression and how can I avoid it?
Contact us and we can help you develop an in-house personal development program or talk for your group.

Diversity Awareness Training

Changeways Clinic staff have expertise in the provision of diversity awareness training regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual and trangendered populations. Individuals who are members of sexual minorities are also taxpayers, and naturally they expect appropriate, nondiscriminatory service from the public services that their taxes fund. We have been consulted by a variety of groups including social service organizations, foster parents groups, educators, and companies wishing to provide more welcoming and inclusive services for these populations.

We can train your managers how to create an inclusive workplace. We can assist with organizations coping with charges of discriminatory behaviour and atmosphere. We can train frontline staff in the language, the issues, and the potential missteps involved in dealing with sexual minority citizens.

Contact us by calling 604 871 0490, or email us at for more information on the types of training and consultation we offer.