Consulting Resources for the Private Sector

Changeways Clinic has been engaged to provide consulting services for a variety of private organizations. Here are some examples:

Workshops and Seminars for Staff

Changeways Clinic provides a wide range of talks and workshops for the public. Private corporations can purchase these programs to be presented in-house for their own staff. We can also provide keynote speakers for corporate events.

Talk to us about your needs. We may well have something appropriate for the audience you have in mind. Here are just a few examples:
Assertive communication training.
Managing stress effectively.
Goal setting strategies at work.
Avoiding burnout.
What is depression and how can I avoid it?

Click here for a more complete list.

Employee Assistance Program Training

Changeways Clinic has been employed to provide structured training programs for clinicians working for employee assistance firms. Our training programs, many of which are described here, are designed to be practical and evidence-based. Most of them provide attendees with handouts and other resources that they can use with clients.

Diversity Awareness Training

Changeways Clinic staff have expertise in the provision of diversity awareness training regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual and trangendered populations. We have been consulted by a variety of groups including social service organizations, foster parents groups, educators, and companies wishing to provide more welcoming and inclusive services for these populations.

We can train your managers how to create an inclusive workplace. We can assist with organizations coping with charges of discriminatory behaviour and atmosphere. We can train frontline staff in the language, the issues, and the potential missteps involved in dealing with sexual minority customers. We can help an organization overcome barriers and enhance its image so that it can more effectively welcome this valued group of customers/consumers/stakeholders.

Contact us by calling 604 871 0490, or email us at for more information on the types of training and consultation we offer.