Media Resources

Changeways Clinic psychologists frequently serve as resources for the media. We have been interviewed for print, radio, and television. We have helped online services develop mental health information. We have served on open-line programs, been guests on podcasts, and commented on the psychological aspects of current events. (See below for a partial list.)

We understand the need to speak to the point of the story, and we know the time constraints under which most media representatives operate.


One or another of our team can speak to a variety of issues related to mental health and psychology. Here are a few areas that have been of interest:

Mental health system: Advocacy for evidence-based treatment, flaws in existing system, strategies for improvement of outpatient services.

Clinical depression: How to identify it, epidemiology, risk factors, treatment issues, effectiveness of medication versus psychotherapy, self-care strategies.

Anxiety disorders: Obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, panic, agoraphobia, social anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder. Nature, incidence, and treatment.

Stress management: How the stress response works, what it is designed for, how it gets activated inappropriately, the stress of modern life, stress management strategies.

Sexual orientation concerns: Nature and determinants of sexual orientation, ineffectiveness of reorientation therapy, stresses on lgbt people, gay marriage, coming out to heterosexual spouse.

Self-care and positive psychology: How to find and live a more fulfilling life, how to be assertive, and how NOT to be miserable (based on Dr Paterson's recent book How to be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use).

Modern life: Stresses of, failure of modern society to reduce unhappiness, and the illness-promoting aspects of modern culture. We've taken part in the inevitable "Stress of the holidays" type of piece, and pride ourselves in being able to offer a fresh take.

...and more.

Contact us by calling 604 871 0490, or email us at to arrange a discussion, or for more information on the types of issues we can speak about. You can also contact Dr Paterson directly at

Sample Past Media Work

The New York Times: Consulting for supplemental guide: How to Stand Up for Yourself.
Your Great Journey Podcast: How to feel happy - A counterintuitive approach.
Maritime Noon with Normal Lee Macleod, CBC Radio: What makes you happy phone-in.
Ontario Today, CBC Radio: How to be miserable phone-in. On the ill-advised idea of 100% happiness.
Cosmopolitan Magazine: The value of accepting uncomfortable emotions.
Psychology Today Magazine: The positive aspects of solitude. Excerpt from How to be Miserable.
Radio-Canada Front News Vancouver: Mood difficulties during the holidays.
New York Magazine, David Marchese: To get happier, focus on what makes you miserable.
ManTalks podcast: How to be miserable.
The Art of Manliness podcast 204: How to be miserable.
The Globe and Mail, Gayle MacDonald: Psychologist Randy Paterson on how not to be miserable.
Context with Lorna Dueck: Outside the Box: How to be miserable book interview.
Success Magazine: Assertiveness in the workplace.
Vancouver Sun: Making the transition to independent adulthood.
CBC Morning Edition: How to be miserable.
BlogTalk Radio: Amy Alkon, The Advice Goddess. How and why to be assertive.
Woman’s World Magazine: “Ultimate Experts” on how to be more assertive.
CTV News British Columbia: Blue Monday.
More Magazine: What, me worry? Article on anxiety and coping.
Coco Magazine: The nature and prevention of depression.
National Post: Interview for article on mental health policy.
Best Health Magazine: Interview for article on happiness, November issue.
On The Coast with CBC Radio Vancouver: On toxic optimism.
Everyday Leadership with Dan Mulhern: Assertive communication in the workplace.
The Yellowknifer Newspaper: New anti-suicide program in NWT.
CBC Radio North: The treatment of depression.
CTV Atlantic: Cognitive behaviour therapy for depression. Audio interview on the treatment of depression.
Strides (publication of Anxiety Disorders Association of BC): Depression, mood disorders, and anxiety.
Chatelaine Magazine: Eight Strategies to Beat Depression. (reprinted in Reader’s Digest).
Georgia Straight (Vancouver-based community newspaper): Educating the public about depression.
CKNW 980 The Rafe Mair Show: Clinical depression.
WRNJ-Oldies 1510: Let’s Talk About it with Dr Frank Fowler. Internet talk radio: Assertive communication.
ShrinkRap with Dr Jim Ricks: Coming out.
The Vancouver Sun: Psychologist offers techniques to help overcome depression.
CBC Radio British Columbia: Treatment of social phobia.
CFPL Television London Ontario News Hour: On suicide.