Consulting and Media

Changeways Clinic psychologists offer a variety of consulting services, and have served as resource contacts for a wide variety of media outlets, from local radio to the New York Times. Click below for the service that interests you.

Media. Changeways Clinic has served as a resource for print, online, and broadcast media, covering a variety of topics.

Public Speaking. Changeways Clinic offers a variety of talks for organizations seeking public speakers.

Private Sector Organizations. Changeways Clinic can help Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) ensure that their mental health services are of the highest quality. We can provide companies with educational seminars and workshops. We are also a referral resource for many organizations looking for clinical services for their staff.

Health Boards and Government Services. We can help government bodies and health regions examine their existing mental health services, we can provide suggestions for streamlining service, and we can provide training programs to front-line staff in evidence-based methods.

Clinicians. We provide consulting services to clinicians interested in starting a private practice in psychology, or fine-tuning an existing practice. We also consult for the purposes of individualized training in cognitive behaviour therapy.