Remote Service Via Internet

Changeways Clinic offers psychological services through traditional face-to-face meetings at our offices in Vancouver's Broadway-Fairview neighbourhood. In addition, we are able to provide service via remote video+audio technology to individual adults anywhere in British Columbia from our offices.

This form of service offers several advantages over the usual in-office consultations:
  • You can have psychotherapy from the convenience of your own home.
  • Residents of remote and underserved communities can still receive care from registered psychologists.
  • Those confined to home for any reason can still receive psychotherapy.
  • Parking and transportation costs are eliminated.

Your service may be provided entirely by remote contact, or you may choose to have some meetings in person and others remotely. Some prefer to travel to our offices for their initial contact with their provider, then continue with remote sessions thereafter. We can often arrange for initial meetings to be longer than usual, or conducted on successive days, to make the most of a trip to Vancouver.

If you would like to take advantage of this type of service:
  • You must have access to Internet service of sufficient speed to enable video calls.
  • You should have a private environment for your meetings where you can speak freely without being interrupted or overheard by others.
  • We will ask that you have a medical provider in your home community, and that the psychologist have your signed consent to confer with that provider if necessary.
  • We will send, via encrypted email service, our usual intake documents plus a consent form for remote service.

Please note: There are certain difficulties or forms of service for which remote contact is not appropriate, and only some of our providers offer this service. As well, we are unable to provide psychological services to individuals outside the borders of British Columbia.

To enquire about the availability of remote contact for your locality and concern, please contact us at .