Information about therapy

What is psychotherapy?
If you decide to see a psychologist, what will happen?
What is the first session like?
How could coming to talk to someone possibly solve anything anyway?
Are there differences between the various types of therapy?
What is cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)?
Will you get things to try out between meetings?

People have a lot of questions about therapy, especially if they’ve never been to a therapist before. On these pages we try to answer at least some of your questions. These documents apply especially to the services we offer at Changeways Clinic, but they should be useful no matter what type of therapy you pursue.

Here are the topics:
  • The Sequence of Therapy. Here we outline what usually happens in your first meeting, how things change when we move from assessment (getting to know you) to therapy (helping you move toward your goals), the length of appointments, the length of therapy overall, and how the process can help you make the most of the coverage, time, or investment you have.

  • Three Tips to get the Most out of Therapy. Therapy is a significant investment of your time, energy, emotions, and, yes, often your money. You will want to get the most you can out of the experience. Here are three strategies.